Friday, 25 January 2013

Home Made Solar Panel - Slash Your Electric Bill Now !!

Home Made Solar Panel

Can you imagine how this man, his name is Ben Ford, 54 years old, technichian from Carlifornia, how he wiped out his electric bill in less than 30 days?. You can slash your electric bill to 50% or 70% or more by using this method. How to save hundres of dollars every single month on electricity, and you will also  discover how simple, quick and easy it is to do it. So you're free to enjoy complete "energy freedom" in as little as a month! If you want to succeed, you need an open mind, and an ability to try things a little different than you're used to.

If you really dedicated to cutting your electric bill, this video is for you. Ben Ford is energy indipendent today because he try this method. No need to worry about electric bills anymore . He made his own home made solar panels. This is a DIY project, could you imagine? He bought equipments to make solar cells and install himself. He had made ​​his own "mini-power plant". Package that he will give us is a way to do solar panels, and how to do turbine on the roof of the house. Including personal coaching via email for a year. He also gave a warranty for 6 months.

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