Thursday, 7 February 2013

Strip That Fat Review – " My Personal Experience with ‘Strip that Fat’ Diet "

Ok, so it would seem that every other site calling itself a ‘review’ of the Strip That Fat diet is actually a stupid sales page and there aren’t any real reviews out there, so I’m going to do a proper one because I’VE ACTUALLY USED IT! Alright, first of all:

1) It DOES work, it’s a very effective and time-efficient weight loss program.
2) It will NOT turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight!
This is what I personally achieved after about 3 months on the program:
If you’ve ever done a low-carb or low-fat diet you know that although they may work for a short period of time, after a few weeks your body adapts to the change in diet and the weight loss comes to a screeching halt, doesn’t it?
Not only that, but they’re very unpleasant to be on and therefore impossible to stay on over the long term, and as soon as you go off them the weight just comes right back.
Ok, first of all your body thinks you’re starving because you’re probably not eating enough fat (this is very true, and other works have corroborated this idea: check out Dr. Will Clower’s book ‘The Fat Fallacy’; it’s on Amazon), and this is one of the staples of the French diet which is credited for why they can stay so thin considering what they eat…
They’re not consuming a lot of calories, but what they do consume is high-quality AND, very important, there’s enough fat in their diet so that their metabolism doesn’t think they’re starving and continues to burn fat because they’re still consuming fewer calories than they’re taking in.
This is one of the premises of ‘Strip That Fat’, and it is, in fact, correct.
What I really liked about the program was the ‘STF Diet Generator’ that came with it which will automatically create all your meals for you based on the prescribed diet program, so no more measuring or trying to come up with a meal plan.
Also, I liked the fact that the program is set up to produce long-term results and is specifically designed as such–they start out with a 7 day program to get some immediate results (4-6 pounds gone in 7 days), and it goes all the way out to a 1-year plan where you will have lost over 50 pounds (if you need to lose that much).
And lastly the whole program is centered around actually KEEPING the weight off (which you do–it’s been 6 months and I’m still doing great), which is where so man other diets fail, especially crash diets. So, you get immediate results, steady long-term weight loss, and you keep it off–this sounds great to me, but you be the judge and check it out for yourself:

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