Thursday, 25 July 2013

Conversation in Spanish, Rocket Spanish Reviews - Does It Work ?

It is incredibly an easy task to get started with Rocket Spanish, and you don’t have to deliver nearly anything more than your own name and email address. I was waiting on a whole “signup” process and a big form (because that’s what I’m used to with free trials), but not so with Rocket Spanish. This was a couple of clicks, set a password, and done! It was entirely painless and a great start. You need to continue reading for full Rocket Spanish Review and sneak peek into the members area.

As I finished the first Spanish lesson, I was pleased at the presentation of the main lesson screen. You could widen and collapse features where you’d expect to be able to, so it wasn’t too lengthy on the page at any moment. The audio characters were a nice touch to keep the learning engaging, with relevant tips and practice among the dialog. One thing I particularly liked was the ability to record myself and hear it in relation to the native Chilean speaker, Mauricio. I could even see the sound-wave patterns.
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Simply because I spent a fair bit of time in each of the highlighted tour sections, it wasn’t undue effort to return to the control panel and go forward on with the tour/trial, however it was a little bit frustrating that there wasn’t a direct link.

There is particularly high content around sophisticated and personalized strategies to learn Spanish . In this case , I enjoyed reading about all the different language learning tools at my disposal , and spent a little while picking out my own style from the “language learning types .” I could see , however , a future upgrade to the navigability proving very useful , so you won’t have to wade through quite so much text . Maybe even some personality or language acquisition tests to help steer you in the right direction 

As an added bonus, but also a necessity in my opinion, there is a whole section devoted to learning cultural norms and methods for conducting yourself in Spanish-speaking countries. This is immensely valuable, as often times you find yourself “knowing” the language, but still speak it awkwardly since you have no context for how it fits into people’s daily lives. Using this feature, you’re at least sure to keep from major gaffes, and you’ll probably learn tidbits that you’d never know otherwise.
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