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Best Treadmills Reviews For Your Home


Hey guys....looking for best treadmill reviews ? So , you have come to right place. When talking about  treadmill, of course imagined in your mind about running , right? From my experience, I personally use a variety  types of treadmills. Starting from the treadmill that does not use electricity until motorized treadmill.

If you are interested in buying a treadmill, buy a motorized treadmill. What is the reason? You can imagine for yourself. Motorized treadmill is easy to handle than the manual version. I personally have never had a treadmill but  I use the treadmill in the gymnasium. In a month,  usually I'll go to some different gymnasium, and I will use different treadmill. That's why I can tell you.

Specification .......

Among the specifications you need to know about this treadmill is:

1.Personal trainer workout . What does it means? Meaning, there is a reading such as  distance, time, heart rate, calories, speed, and more.
2. Incline - , like hiking  and climbing a hill. 
3.Comfort Cell Cushioning - meaning the site lined with a treadmill is soft, when you run it is not too noisy, because it will disturb others. 

 For me  you should consider before buying a treadmill.

Okay, back to the topic of our discussion today, which treadmills are the best type to buy ?.Let have a look first at the models available in the market. Here we go:

  1. WESLO Cadence Treadmill G 5.9


Seems interesting to me, there are 6 personal trainer workouts, there is a manual incline and comfort cell cushioning. You can choose your race according to your physical suitability, everything is digital, such as using a computer. I saw this WESLO is a best selling product on Amazon. So what are you waiting for, get it now on Amazon.

The question most people will ask is how the maximum weight that can be accommodated by this treadmill? Just 250 lbs .

There was one review from a customer who bought this product, 6'2 "and weighing 230 lbs, he is still capable of running as usual on the device. He felt like such as jogging track, meaning it can survive even if you have a heavy weight. The price is still below $ 1,000. If you need a cheap treadmill that provides basic things, this is it. Do not be surprised if you see it is too thin, even thinner, but the quality is high. Collapsible! Means that you can fold it. There is a fundamental reading  in the dashboard, such as calories burned, time, distance, speed, no unusual readings as in other treadmill. Like other treadmill it is also has an emergency button, draw only when necessary, it will stop immediately.

No need to compare the size of this treadmill with others, is small in size, it is specially designed for small spaces. Also, save money. Many have said, want to assemble it , piece of cake, but it was difficult to take it  out of the box. Many professionals do not encourage to  buy cheap treadmill and is priced under $ 700, however, is well worth to buy this treadmill.

It's hard to do the installation yourself, need two people to install the treadmill. Because there are 4 screws that have to want to install. For a low budget, this treadmill is right for you. This treadmills are the Best Sellers in Amazon.

Why I like? ....

  1. It costs less than $ 500, relatively low compared to the quality provided by this treadmill. Very worth it if you buy.
  2. Various Personal Trainers Workout (PTW), there are six PTW, you can use it with ease.
  3. Easy to install and store - small size but great performance. It is easy to install and stored.
  4. 300 lbs maximum weight this treadmill can support.
  5. No noise, so as not to disturb others, can be placed anywhere.
  6. Electricity bill does not increase. I read some reviews of the buyer, their home electricity bill is the same as before, there is no increase in electricity bills.
  7. Warranty - 1-year motor warranty and 90 days labor and parts.

Why I dislike? ....

  1. Hard to take it out of the box! That's it, this might be a joke, but the truth was hard to take it out of the box.

Final Verdict ....

Despite the low price, the quality is not necessarily less. This treadmill is suitable for use in your home, at an affordable price, you can get all the basic features.  

Price Details

Normal price is $ 449,  now available at $ 287 after discount plus free shipping, you save $ 163, more details CLICK HERE

2. Folding Treadmill TR1200i lifespan

This treadmill look stronger than the first one. But they are relatively expensive, about three times the first one. If you have more money, please buy this one. A bit expensive but better quality. This treadmill is equipped with a 2.5 horsepower  and ran space size is 20 x 56 inches, it's quite big and comfortable! , Suspension support up to 300 pounds. As usual, there are LED panels, you can see time, calories, speed, and  many more. The best thing is, life time warranty for the motor and frame. Wow! Amazing! .

From testimonies I've read, the delivery of goods is through CEVA, only doorstep shipping only, if you want to tell the sender  to  put it inside your house , give him extra money . The box is heavy, do not take lightly. If you want to drag it , go ahead.The installation is easy, even schoolchildren can do, just read the instruction only. Motor sounds quiet, the only noise is your  footprints.

There are two things missing, but it is not included in the package,

  1. USB drive, the USB image there, but after a call Customer Service, is it not included in the package, have to buy separately, maybe 5 bucks ..
  2. Belt Lube, but the picture there, maybe 15 bucks.

I love to see the display treadmill, is indeed interesting, can measure your weight.

I like:
  1. The motor sounds  very slow, it is like you  did not hear any noise , just the sound of your footsteps. While your children are sleeping , you can still jogging.
  2. Counting Features at Dashboard - each step on the treadmill is calculated. Some people want to know how many steps taken, for instance 5000 steps a day. The treadmill works as a pedometer that counts your steps. It can be your goal in a day about how many steps you have made. It is also a tool to measure your ability.

  1. Safety Pause Feature - This is a safety feature available on this model. It traces our steps , if you left  in a while, it will stop. When there are children playing around while you're jogging, suddenly you stop to drink without turning off the switch, the machine will stop if you do not step on it in a while, you do not have to worry about your children playing on these machines because it will stop automatically.
  2. Incline and Speed ​​controls on arm bar - when you are jogging you can hold the arm bar, there are buttons to adjust the speed and incline, you do not need to press the dashboard, which will cause your body out of control and you will fall. The same as in car steering , there are buttons to increase and decrease volume. I like this ...
  3. Speakers - you can plug the iPod and mp3 player on this treadmill, you can jog while listening to a song, awesome right?
  4. Warranty of the manufacturer: Frame and motor = lifetime, Parts = 3 years , labor = 1 year, no need to worry as warranty up to 3 years, that's a long time.

I do not like:

  1. Speaker - not so bad, but not the same kind of power amplifier in my house.


Normal price $ 1,499, after discount $ 999, you save $ 500, plus free shipping, more details CLICK HERE

Final Verdict

I strongly recommend you to buy this treadmill.

3. Confidence Power Plus Electric Motorized Treadmill

Every household should have this  treadmill , why?

Because the price is cheap compared to other treadmill, everyone is able to have this treadmill. At the time this post was written, it costs $ 199.99. Now, the price may vary slightly.

Easily to stored, foldable and save space, there is a small wheel at the bottom, does not require a lot of energy to move the treadmill. You can fold it  and put under the bed, behind the cupboard, put in a car and so on.

The dashboard is very simple, it is easy to read. Unlike some treadmills that there is a lot of reading on the dashboard, and sometimes will confuse us to read it.

Motor sounds silently  and do not disturb you. No sound out of this treadmill, there was just the sound of your feet, just joking, okay !!

What I like?

  1. Lightweight and easily folded up and taken to wherever
  2. Of course the price is very cheap compared to other treadmills.
  3. LED screen is very simple, not too complicated as other treadmill that has a confusing readings.
  4. The treadmill is excellent for beginner like me, it provides the basic things enough for beginner like me.

What I dislike?

  1. Treadmill only for weight only 250 lbs, not more than that.
  2. The treadmill is only for beginner and users who rarely use it, can not be used in heavy duty running .

Final Verdict

For  beginners, this treadmill is suitable for you and for users who have a weight less than 250 lbs only. According to the price, this treadmill is suitable for beginner.

Normal price $ 550 after discount $ 199.99, you save $ 350, plus free shipping, for more details, CLICK HERE

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

This treadmill is attractive and sturdy. With 2.2 horse power, it is really strong  enough to hold weight up to 200 pounds and above. Surface for running is 15.75 x 48.82 inch, very comfortable, right? This tool have soft drop system, if you want to fold it, it will go down slowly without fear of crashing the device. It can be folded like this. Save space, right?

I like the color, orange! It is very interesting. Okay, there are 9 workout programs, such as calories, speed, incline, distance and many more. There are two parking hole for drinking water, which is very important. There are three incline position, which is the minimum, medium and max, like hiking and climbing !

What I see, the benefits inherent in this model is the "soft drop system". Why? Since the system is able to avoid crashing  the treadmill onto carpet or floor. If it crash , of course it will damage the floor. It costs $ 384.95 & Free Shipping (prices may vary over time) Click here for more detail.  

Let us look at some of the reviews of the buyers of this model. Most buyers of this model are very satisfied with its performance. Easy to  install and motor sounds a bit slow. Next model is …..

5. Proform 505 CST Treadmill - 2014 model

Looks interesting as well, when the first time I saw , same as other model, the original price of $ 999.99, the price after offer $ 599.00 + Shipping. Not bad! , Okay . Looks strong physically. Can bear loads of up to 300 lbs. Among the additional features is ProShox Cushioning, iPod compatible audio and Quick incline. You can fold vertically to save space. But the limited warranty. Meaning frame- Lifetime warranty, Motor-25 years warranty, Parts & Labor - 1 year warranty. Shipment only within the US. No shipment to outside the US, sorry! Let us look more closely. This model is a little bit larger, in size 70 x 34 x 60 inches (L x W x H), quite comfortable for large-sized runners. There are 15 workout apps, so many!


You have to explore one by one. Compatible with music port for iPod or mp3 players, ran excitedly while listening to music. While your room is narrow, you can use it and fold it vertically after use. Can watch heart rate monitor with built-in handle bar sensors to achieve your running goals. With a 6 inch display screen you can monitor from any angle because it is very large. Sounds system is good, with a range of sound frequencies and equalized sound. Motor noise is very slow with self-cooling drive system. Incline can be accelerated by simply pressing a button. If you're looking for the best treadmill, this is probably the best. Click here to see the price details.

Next, ......

6. 500W Portable Folding Electric Treadmill Running Machine Motorized


The price is relatively cheap and, basically, the prominent features of this model is that it can be folded, another feature that is quite similar to other treadmill model .Because of the  cheap price, at the time this post was written, only 8 units left in stock, buy now quickly. The design of this model is quite different from other models, trying to look at the handle bar, see a slightly curved right? Revealing its uniqueness compared to other models. Click here to see product details.

Are you still with me, this post is a little bit long, so , as I have said earlier , if you are looking for the best treadmill reviews , you have come to the right place , the treadmill  I want to review next is the Horizon Fitness Treadmill T101-04. This model is a "Best Buy" in the category of Treadmills. Rated a best "Value Buy" for walking by Good Housekeeping Institute and by The Treadmill Doctor. You can get a treadmill for sale with cheap price at Amazon. This T101-04  model has a very powerful motor and operate silently, it has very stable platform and strong. There is a comprehensive console and Sonic Surround speakers with MP3 input, so you can play music through speakers console. Because of  its stability, it does not shake when you're running, and it gives you more confidence to work out. Horizon Fitness Treadmill T101-04 has many metal components and simplify the installation process, and this model is physically  strong compared to other model in the market. Cushioning Response variable deck load gives absorption, reduce stress on your feet, ankle and knee. There is a fitness cool air fan which gives you comfortable during your workout. This is a special feature found on this model. It can be folded and stored easily. Light Feather Lift hydraulics provides two shocks to assist you when lowering and raising the deck. There is a 5 inch LCD display with wide display that your workout stats. You will be able to challenge yourself with 10 step-goal workout, 10 distance-based workout, 6-calorie goal workout workout and 3 intervals. Click here for more product reviews


This treadmill is designed to save space in your home. Two hydraulics shocks will assist you when lowering and rising the deck. This will prevent the deck from buffeted onto the floor. This is one of the security features available on this model. Easy , right?

Whether you walk or jog, this treadmill keeps pace with you. This engine is very responsive and quiet. This motor is equipped with a build-in fan which cools the motor and prevent it from overheating.

Variable Response Cushioning - When your feet hit the treadmill, it will absorb shock and reduce the pressure on your feet. This function can also prevented treadmill from vibrating .

The treadmill can be folded and adjustable speed up to 10 mph, the maximum incline is 10 percent. There are 30 programming option, select the best to set your exercise goals. You can play the song during jogging. At the same time there is a cooling fan that would bring ventilation for your legs and motor. Product dimension is 70 x 33.5 x 55 inches, weight 165 pounds, shipping weight is 192 pounds. This item can only be shipped within US only. Product origin is from China. The treadmill is not suitable for heavy duty use, suitable for moderate walking and jogging . This treadmill is very useful , compare to its price. There are speakers, built-in fans and automated incline adjustment. The treadmill is easy to use. Some runners may find a 20 x 55 treadmill belt is suitable. But some runners find the size of the belt is small. Treadmill Motor has a 22.5 horse power, but the maximum speed is 10 mph. This treadmill is suitable for beginner, and is not suitable for heavy duty runner. These constraints are usually available at a cheap treadmill like this. It uses a treadmill incline percentage, that is 10% incline, as compared to other cheap treadmills, incline must be made manually. Its quality is better than other treadmills that offered at the same price. Customer service is the best, you need not to worry because any problems will answered by them quickly .Treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame.

Questions and Answers

1.Does it show you calories burned, distance ran etc?

Yes, it shows calories burned, distance and time. You have choices to choose, one is one more calories based and distance based. If you choose the manual program, you can track both. It really works well.

2. What is the difference between Horizon Fitness T101, 202 and T303 Treadmill?

Of course the price is different, the main difference is the Motor .T101 have Continous- 2:25 Duty Horse Power 202 and T303 motor but has a 2.5 Continous- Horse Power Duty motor. This makes the T101 is ideal for walking and light jogging, while 202 and T303 is suitable for running on a regular basis. T303 has a Heavy Duty Folding Frame With Extra Stability Bar , which means T303 is more stable compared to T101 and T202. If you are a great runner and you gonna run every day on the treadmill, the T303 model is good for you. T101 model has incline up to 10% while 202 and T303 has up to 12% incline. T303 has 12 programs while T101 and T202 has 30 programs. T101 can reach a maximum speed of 10 mph while T202 and T303 can reach a maximum speed of 12 mph. At the end of this post I provide a comparison table between these three models.

I like

1.The treadmill is physically very strong, giving us the confidence to exercise.
2.The motors are quiet and responsive , enable us to workout in silence without disturbing others.
3.Variable Response Cushioning provides support and flexibility through all phases of my workout. No vibration while walking or jogging.
4.I am motivated and interested with all 30 programs provided together with this model.
5.Very smart design and very simple assembly and this treadmill up and running within 15 minutes. Very easy to install and move anywhere.

I dislike

There is a little confusing because there are 30 build-in programs, which one wants to start, it's not good for beginner like me. Not every program we will use, it is a little misleading.
For beginners only and is suitable for runners who seldom ran.

Horizon Fitness Treadmill T202-03

This treadmill has the same features as the T101 and T303 models, there is only a slight difference is the difference .Between motor and incline. Physical form is the same, but they're expensive than T101 model. At the end of this post I have made the schedule difference between the three models of Horizon T101, 202 and T303.

The motor has a 2.5 horsepower continuous-duty motor, maximum speed of 12 mph, and the incline of 12%. Running an area of ​​20 x 55 inches, convenient for big man. It is an easy fold-up storage treadmill. With 5.75 "green back-lit LCD display and 30 programming option, this treadmill is right for you. This treadmill is equipped with Sonic Surround speakers with MP3 function and pulse grip heart rate monitoring. The maximum weight that can supported by this treadmill is 300 pounds and the best thing is lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, but only one year warranty on frame and labor.The Perfect FLEX provieds deck cushioning shock absorption for less strain on your feet. Take care your ankle, knees and feet , because you gonna use it everyday. The cool fan keep your leg cool and provide a very comfortable workout. The frame is very strong and does not shake when you are running and this will help you focus on your training. The Horizon treadmill 202 is among the strongest and sturdiest because it has more welded steel component, make is easy to assemble. The motor is very quite without any distraction. You can watch TV and listen to radio while running on full speed without any noise from the motor. 30 programs consisting of 6 options calorie goal workout, 10 workout distance, workout 10 steps, and 3 interval workout. Compact Folding System help you to folding and unfolding it. Click here for product details

I like ......

1.The price is as same as the T101 model, but the quality is better . First of all, 2.5 HP motor compared with 25.2 HP T101 model.
2.Suitable for runners rugged and often, so I can run constantly. There are 30 programs that will help you achieve the goals.

I dislike ....

Nothing ...

Horizon Fitness Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant
Usually, customers whoever purchase this treadmill , also bought Horizon Fitness Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant. What is the purpose of this thing? It is extending the life of motor treadmill, helps reduce noise, minimize wear and tear and finally of course it is easy to use. It comes in packages of 3 bottle for 3 applications. Click here fore product details

Horizon Fitness Mat
It protects the floor from damage or crack. Your home should be kept intact. Usually a treadmill will be placed in a corner of your home for a long time, so of course you need a treadmill mat so the floor will not damaged. This mat is made of what? This mat was made from durable, shock absorbing vinyl material. So that, it extends the shelf life of your treadmill with a hidden trap dust. Of course it helps to reduce vibration and noise from the treadmill. Its size is 78 "L x 36" W x 1/8 "H. The price is $ 29.99 Click here for product details.

Do you want used or second hand mat? It was used but in good condition repackaged .Normally it will come, and it has minor imperfection on the front, side or top of the item. The price is $ 15.57. Better get used goods because you will put this mat under the treadmill, do not have to buy a new mat, the mat enough unused. Click here for product details

Horizon Fitness T303 Treadmill

Product Description

The treadmill motor is very powerful, quite, stable and very comfortable platform. This powerful 2.5 HP continuous motor runs so quietly, and you can even listen to the radio at full sprint. It measures 34 x 58.5 x 76.5 inches (W x H x D) and user capacity is 350 pounds. The speed range is between 0-12 mph and incline range is 0-12 percent. The deck size is 20 x 60 inches (W x D). It gives you more room and comfortable stride at various speed, either walking or jogging. Lifetime warranty on frame and brake, two years warranty on parts and one year warranty on labor. The heavy frame is stable during intense exercise. PerfectFLEX deck provides shock absorption and support. The Cool Fitness Fan keeps you cool while walk, jog or run. Horizon is actually part of Johnson Health Tech, one of the largest manufacturers of fitness equipment in the world. This company designs and produce quality products for home and fitness center. Horizon 's factory is among them most sophisticated in the industry. Click here for product details .

I like ... ..

Quiet Motor - the motor is powerful and quiet, and you can watch TV and listen to radio while running, and the most important, your workout activity will not disturb other people.
Variable Cushioning - The cushioning system provides the true balance of firmness and shock absorption. So your floor will not damaged or cracked.
Hydraulic Lift Assist - of course, after you workout, the treadmill must be kept in a safe place, and to save space. Easier for you to fold this treadmill.
Strong, stable - this is the most important thing, a sturdy treadmill give confidence to continue the exercise in order to reach the goal.

I dislike ...

I do not like the price of the treadmill as it is expensive compared to T101 and 202 models. Financial capability should also be taken into account.

The difference between the Horizon Fitness T101, T202 and T303

Horizon Fitness T101
Horizon Fitness 202
Horizon Fitness T303
Suitable for beginner and seldom ran. Suitable for walking and light jogging
Suitable for runners that are simple, and not too often ran. Good for runners
Suitable for hardcore runners, who ran a long period of time. Good for runners.
2:25 Continuous-duty Horsepower
2.5 Continuous-duty Horsepower
2.5 Continuous-duty Horsepower
Incline up to 10%
Incline up to 12%
Incline up to 12%
Has Heavy-Duty Folding Frame With Extra Stability Bar
30 programs available
30 programs available
12 programs available

My Final Verdict

Actually, if you look in detail, T101 and T202 are priced at $ 799, if you want to buy, please get T202, you will not regret as the price is the same as T101 , but T202 has more advantages. But I most recommend that you choose T303 because it is suitable for outdoor activities. The price difference between the T202 danT303 only $ 200.For 6 years I've spent time using a wide range of treadmill, this is the first time I see that there is a treadmill with built-in fan in the motor space, aims to provide maximum ventilation. So make the right choice, choose the treadmill that suits you. By using the treadmill , you do not have to jog outside, you can seat in your home while watching TV. Saving you petrol. You'll no longer need to go to the gymnasium, you'll no longer need to go to the park. At the same time you can educate your children for jogging with you. I was a fan of the treadmill, and an assortment of treadmills I've tried and characteristics of a good treadmill is a very powerful, strong motor, a cooling system such as a built-in fan, the design is stable, runs an extensive space, audio system is great, can be moved to anywhere. Choose a treadmill that has a long warranty period. You do not mind paying more for the satisfaction and your exercise goals. However, choosing this treadmill depends on your financial capabilities, the space available in your home, and the way you run, if you rarely ran, choose T101 , if you always ran in a long period , choose T202 and T303. As I already explained above, the difference between T202 and T303 are only the number of existing programs and Heavy-Duty Folding Frame With Extra Stability Bar. If you are US citizens, the treadmill will be sent to your address, and do not forget, shipping is next door to your house, not into the house, you can discuss the matter with the courier company, whether you have to pay more or just ask for help to lift it into the house, and gave him a few bucks. Lastly, my final verdict, I choose T202, because it is cheap, best seller on Amazon, according to the pattern of exercise, because we are not athletes who need a high-powered treadmill. I select the T202 ... ...


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