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Grow Taller 4 Idiots by Darwin Smith

About The Author

Darwin Smith, the creator of Grow Taller for Idiots is just a simple man with lots of desires and wishes. Before growing taller, he was 5.3 inches of height which did not allow him to see beautiful dreams and enjoy his life; he could not even think of having a girlfriend, rocking in parties walking on the beach. He took exercises and medicines and tried various doctors but he was still a short man until he found a strange man who provided him with secret formula that changed his life completely. Author of this e-book Dr. Darwin Smith who was also a short-heighted person and gained almost 7 inches to his height by using the methods he described in his ebook.

Grow Taller 4 Idiots is a program developed by Dr. Darwin Smith a Vietnamese who also suffered challenges in the short stature area. After trying various methods to achieve greater height, he stumbled upon this formula which helped him successfully gain the inches he desired.
He has since improved the program and used it to help thousands of short statured people around the world. These have not reportedly gained only the coveted inches but also confidence, built self esteem and have gone on to become successful men and women in their field.

The box contains an attractively packaged instructional program with the following tools:
  • 189 page EBook with its 6 Chapter core content program
  • 2 CDs loaded with detailed information and illustrations of easy to follow exercises
The information contained in the e book covers topics of things other than genes which are responsible for reduced height. It also proves scientifically how human growth hormone (HGH) can increase despite being past the “growing years “adding significant inches to ones height.
Other valuable information include:
  • Correction of Posture to gain height:
This show that one’s genetic code is not always responsible for height, but certain conditions in the body’s framework can give them the appearance of having a shorter frame. By correcting conditions such as scoliosis or curvature of the spine in certain individuals, they will actually see their full height appear.

  • Spine Shrinkage:
Lack of proper nutrition and exercise can actually lead to spine shrinkage which will give the appearance of being short in stature. The information contained in the e book demonstrates that with proper nutrition and the right exercise combinations increased height can be achieved.
  • Increased HGH production:
Scientific research has shown the strong correlation between increased human growth hormone production and the intake of certain amino acids or base proteins.
By utilizing the proven secretogogue amino acids found in natural food products in a special blend and combining a special exercise regimen with directions for optimum sleep, the program delivers the formula to help increase a person’s height.

Foods included in the regimen are those rich in Vitamin A, Protein and Calcium. Although most people are aware of the basic food groups, due to dietary habits not many consume the variety or right proportions to ensure the dramatic effect required for sustained height development. It outlines the strict pattern to follow in this dietary campaign in order to gain maximum benefit.

  • NASA’s Discoveries:
Utilizing other reliable sources of information available on the subject, It has added a powerful discovery by NASA to the program, which has helped people gain noticeable inches in height.

Learn Height Gain Methods GUARANTEE You Will Be At Least 2-4 Inches Taller In 8 Weeks

What’s in it For You?

Whatever your calling and how much you have achieved in life, if you are haunted by that constant slap on the back with a derogatory name concerning your height, you will not have the satisfied feeling that comes with a great success. There will still be that nagging “if only” thought. Being short statured or physically challenged is not your fault. It’s like having unruly hair. You learn what to do to keep your hair in place after a visit to the hair salon.Now, a solution has been made available for your height issue. It is up to you to seize the benefit the program offers. Think of showing up at work one day and some one make the comment, maybe their eyes are deceiving them but you do look taller. Now, what if that someone is the one who had always picked on you before? I believe that remark alone would make you stand an extra inch taller.

Who Is This Product For?

Technically, this system can be used by anybody. It does not matter if you are male or a female or if you are short or tall, anybody can benefit from a little extra height.
If you are self-conscious about how tall you are, then this offers you an easy solution to your problems. It is all natural, so you never have to worry about harming your body while on this system.


  • Increase 2-4 inches in just 6-8 weeks
  • Tips to increase height instantly
  • Step-by-step exercise plan
  • Easy to learn and follow
  • Postures secrets
  • Tested and proven by numerous people
  • Instantly available right after purchase
  • Backed with 60-days money back guarantee
  • Styling techniques to look taller
  • Boost ‘growth hormone’ with secret cocktail
  • Absolutely No GYM


After years of wishing you could increase your stature, isn’t it time to take action and get the results you desire? No longer fall for age old myths or believe you can’t gain height past puberty. With grow taller 4 idiots, you can experience a gain in height of 2 to 4 inches in as little as 6 to 8 weeks. How many times have you felt slighted by your own lack of height? Have you ever been turned down for a job because of your physical build? Have you ever been shot down by the guy or girl of your dreams because of your lack of height?Have you ever felt inferior to others simply because you couldn’t see eye to eye with them? Life doesn’t have to be one continuous disappointment any longer. You do have the power and the ability to change your life by following this one simple system. In as little as 6 to 8 weeks, you could be strutting a whopping 2 to 4 more inches in height.Set your fears and doubts aside and make the natural choice for trusted, tested, and proven height gain. You have nothing to lose with a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Regardless of your age, location, or sex, you can increase your stature by following this system in record time. Forget painful and expensive surgery, elevation shoes, or any of the other ridiculous solutions you’ve ever heard of. All you need is this 100% guaranteed system to gain height now.

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