Friday, 27 June 2014

How to build muscle from Kyle Neon ?

How to build muscle and get ripped fast in 2 weeks  ?

Introduction :
Everybody , including me always have a dream to become ripped , no fat , not skinny , good looking , have big muscle , but do you know the fastest way to get ripped ? now , i wanna share some ideas and info to you , how to get ripped fast and naturally .

1. Prepare your mind
Mind is everything , to get ripped body , you must be mentally prepared , because we gonna do intense sit up and push up .

2. Believe you can have a ripped body
It is like self confidence , it is a goal , put a someone poster or picture of ripped body in your room , just imagine you can  be like him . it is like motivator .

3. get up early in the morning
Get up early in the morning , usually workout is good to do in morning , because , plant do photosynthesis and release oxygen , and we need oxygen , it is good to do exercise in morning .

4.stretch your body before and after workout session
It is important because your body is in rest state , before workout , must warm up first , it is like car engine , before drive ,must warm up first , otherwise , engine cannot life longer , same goes to your body .

5. Start of with gentle warm up
You just wake up from sleep , just do soft and gentle warm up , no need to push , no need to hurry , take your time  otherwise you will suffer muscle injury .

6.Jogging daily at slow pace for 20-30 minutes , non stop
Start jogging at slow pace but don’t stop , don’t push too hard , start clock time, set 20-30 minutes ,

7. Do push ups
Train your body to do push ups ,  start with 10 , 20  until 100 in one time . First time you do , quite difficult , but when you do it regularly , you will find it easy .

8. Do crunches , abs workout ,
The first time you will find it hard , make use to it , you will feel pain in stomach , but after you do it regularly , make you body to be comfortable to it .

9. Do pull-up ,
You will find pull up bar at gym , or you can fix it one in your house , do it several time a day , but for beginners , start slowly .

10. Use dumbbells ,
Use dumbbells , take suitable weight for you , just do it   slowly , make your body comfortable to it , you can find it in gym .

11. Relax after workout
Don’t forget to relax after workout , let your body to rest slowly , let the sweat dry slowly , don’t switch on the fan , let it dry it self , let your body to cool down slowly ,


That is all 11 tips i can share with you , but here is some WARNING :
1.Be patient , workout slowly , start pushing yourself once you feel you are in control of your body
2. Stop workout if you are not in control , take a deep breath
3. Do not get steroid , so many negative effect in it
4. make interval of your workout , do not push everyday  in you are tired
5.The discipline you are , the more closer to the goal
6.Don’t give up if you don’t see any changes to your body , it takes months to see changes
You won’t see any obvious changes , but people around you will see the different . Stay focus .


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